From seeds to salad in 4 weeks
Plantui™ Smart Garden
How it works

Getting in the mood for a little adventure? Buy local seeds of your choice and use our Experimental Kit and try to unfold the miracle of growth!

5.10€ / £3.80

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Our brand new Growth Light Height Block lets you add additional lighting for your larger plants and creates the perfect growth environment.

Due to very popular demand, the Growth Light Height Block is now back in stock!

35€ / £32

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Ambassador's Garden
Hooked on the taste of Plantui

“I’m an ingredient based chef and my hobbies include farming and foraging. With Plantui what got me hooked is how easy it is to use, how well it works and how great the plants taste.”

Sasu Laukkonen, Michelin Star Chef

Sailing around the world with Plantui onboard

“It is exciting to think the old myth; you can´t have fresh produce in the middle of the ocean, is no longer true. We look forward to testing Plantui prior to our start in June 2016. We already have pok choi and thai basil growing in our kitchen”.

Tuomo Meretniemi, Helsinki

My Smart Garden is a living light

“I love the combination of light and plants in my living room which is often used for working in the evenings. It makes me feel good and helps me to focus. ”

Susanna Yläranta, Kiel


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